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Our Investing Principles

Since our mission is to advocate for our clients’ highest priorities through comprehensive financial planning and principled asset management, we need to be clear about our investing principles. Our philosophy of investing is best summarized by the following principles:

  1. Investing is a means to help people achieve their highest priorities.
  2. There are fundamental investing principles to which we adhere.
  3. Current realities do not always reflect those fundamental investing principles in the short and intermediate term.
  4. We believe that customizing asset buckets for each client is the most robust way to honor fundamental investing principles while acknowledging current realities to diversify a client’s investable portfolio in support of their goals.
  5. Our value is NOT in picking individual securities for our clients.  Part of our value is in finding those solutions that manage securities in a manner that fit the unique asset bucket needs of our clients.
  6. Fitness for intended purpose supersedes lowest fees in determining solutions to be offered in asset buckets.

Our business needs, wants, and goals are always subordinated to the highest priorities of those we serve.

Below is a simple example of the asset bucket investing strategy. Different asset types and asset classes are used in varying degrees to fill each bucket. Your amount in each bucket, as well as the recommended holdings for each bucket, will be driven by your unique priorities and plan to achieve those priorities.

Asset Buckets