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Always Learning

Always Learning

| October 08, 2016


Our kids have now been back in school for about a month. If your kids or grandkids are anything like ours, they’re already up to their ears in reading, studying, and homework.

A striking reality to me is that our 8th grader is learning very different things than our 3rd grader. The part that was striking to me was that, while our 3rd grader may be capable of learning some of the same material as our 8th grader, she doesn’t have the context of why what he is learning is important. Since her 8th grade brother has an accumulation of knowledge 5 years in excess of her accumulation of knowledge, it doesn’t line up with her current reality.

This line of thinking lead me to wonder about my own level of knowledge…and my own approach to teaching. Here are a handful questions that came to my mind that might be of value for you to consider:

  1. Am I willing to challenge what I know with wisdom from someone that has been through this stage of life already?

  2. Does someone else’s context of living frame a perspective that I have not previously considered?

  3. Are the current frustrations of life just lessons that I should be embracing so as to make this season of life count toward my personal development?

  4. How am I using my accumulated knowledge to bless (not chastise or frustrate) those who haven’t had the opportunity yet to experience this stage of life?

  5. How do I best embrace the reality that I am a teacher through my priorities, my actions, and my words?

Make it a great week!


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