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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Advocating for our clients’ highest priorities through comprehensive financial planning and principled asset management.

Our Values

We choose to pursue OUR MISSION guided by the following non-negotiable values:

  1. Integrity - thinking, speaking and acting honorably at all times;

  2. Transparency - operating without a hidden agenda;

  3. Consistency - functioning with intention through a continuously improving process;

  4. Responsiveness - personal service delivered in real-time;

  5. Prudence - acknowledging current realities through time-tested techniques without chasing fads

  6. Thoroughness - covering all the bases, all the time;

  7. Innovation – avoiding complacency through consistent challenging of the status quo;

  8. Generosity - giving more of ourselves than is required or expected.

Our Approach

We believe that financial planning should be based on two simple words: Priorities and Purpose. Identifying what matters most and building strategies to support those priorities for our clients is where we distinguish ourselves.

Planning for the future is challenging and people are surrounded by conflicting data and competing advice. We cut through these distractions and stay focused on what matters most to you by aligning every step of our process to support your goals.

We are more than just traditional financial advisors;

we encourage you to stretch beyond the basics and embrace an

intentional legacy.

What Matters Most?

  • What does financial success mean to you?
  • How will your money help you reach your personal goals?
  • How much will you need to retire the way you desire?
  • Once your basic needs are covered, what “legacy” priorities do you want to pursue?

At the heart of our approach to planning is an ongoing conversation that uncovers the motivations, emotions, and purpose around your money. Getting to know you through these discussions allows us to develop your clearly focused plan.

Then, together, we set out to put your plan into action. Knowing they have support and accountability gives our clients the confidence to commit to their plans and work toward their goals.