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| January 19, 2019



Happy New Year!!


In our first edition of My Two Cents (MTC) for the year, I typically share some thoughts about New Year’s resolutions and goal setting. As I sat down to begin writing this edition another thought struck me that I thought could be more impactful to our readers this year. So, please drop me a note if you’d like to hear my thoughts about resolutions and goal setting, and I’ll get it right over to you. Otherwise…buckle up for a new thought to start your year.


You are one of a kind!


Really…there is no one else in the world that has your personality, your set of gifts and talents, or your set of strengths and weaknesses. There’s no one else in the world that gets excited about things the way you do, or upset about things the way you do. There is no one else in the world who couldn’t care less about certain things, or gets rip-roaring passionate and fired up about certain things.


And, it’s on that last point I want to share a thought: The world needs YOU to be YOU!


When you consider the things about which you are passionate, about which either your blood boils or about which you are motivated to action, you need to realize the world needs YOU to be YOU. The things about which you’re passionate need to have an advocate. Those things need someone who cares enough to put some action to brilliant ideas. Those things need to be made better for the world to be a better place.


These things about which I’m writing don’t have to be as big as world peace or homelessness, although those are good things about which a person could be passionate. They could be as simple as kids knowing they’re loved, or animals not being abused, or families having fun together. Whatever it is for you…the world needs you to be you!


Through this media I’m often discussing personal development or leadership ideas. When I share those ideas, please don’t think they are intended to convert you into someone else. They’re not!! Those ideas are shared so you will feel empowered to fully realize who you are, and lean into the idea that you have tremendous value to add to your corner of the world.


So, as you start 2019, I would encourage you to spend a little time considering the topics about which you’re passionate. Whether it’s big or small, whether it’s near or far, whether you know how to go about making a positive difference or not, I want to encourage you to embrace the idea that the world needs you. We’d love to have you share your thoughts with us so we can further empower and support you in those endeavors.


Make it a great week, as we kick off an amazing new year!


Scott Cousino, CFP®