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| February 11, 2022



As I type this edition of MTC, I’m looking out the window at the snow and gray skies. We have to be pretty intentional here in Michigan during the dead of winter to remember that snow and gray skies are only temporary. While the snow is beautiful in its own right, I look forward to the change that brings sun instead of gray skies, and ushers in our beautiful spring, summer, and fall seasons.


I’m certainly no farmer but when I think about seasons, I think about crops. There’s a season for cultivating the ground. There’s a season for planting the seed. There’s a season to water, watch, and wait. And then, there’s a season of harvest where we reap the benefit of the hard work.


Considering seasons led me to the concept of “seasons of life.” We have the opportunity to serve many people from many walks of life and in many seasons of life. As we walk alongside folks on their unique journeys, it’s a joy to watch folks fully engaged in their current season.


So…a few questions for your consideration:


  1. In what season of life do you find yourself?
  2. What are some of the joys of this current season?
  3. Is this season preparing you for a “harvest” in a future season?
  4. Is that preparation intended to be a harvest for yourself or for someone else?
  5. Are you current in a season of harvest during which you’re considering what comes next?


As a planner, I’m notorious for thinking “down the road” without being fully present and engaged in the current season. Acknowledging this tendency for myself has given me the opportunity to be more intentional about embracing the unique challenges and special joys found in my current season. Hopefully, spending a few minutes considering your own perspective on the past, current, and future seasons will allow you to develop a deeper appreciation for what you’re experiencing on this journey!


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®