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My Two Cents 022315

| March 07, 2016
Financial Planning

Last week we announced the rollout of our new website ( As always, please be sure to let us know if there are areas for improvement or additional information that you’d like to have available at our site. We are committed to continually pursuing excellence, and this is one area that believe we can add value.

This week, we don’t have any changes to announce or new items to rollout. However, we wanted to be sure that we let you know we’re working on our ongoing communication strategy. We’re considering new and more effective ways to share important information regarding financial planning topics, investment ideas, and market or economic updates. We are also working on items to help communicate more consistently and effectively with our clients about their personal priorities, their plan to achieve those priorities, and the status updates as to where they are on the roadmap toward that achievement.

It may sound a bit trite in an email format like this, but we really want to tell you how honored we are that you take time to read our material. The relationship with have with our clients and friends is what makes our work so rewarding. Make it a great week!