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| February 26, 2023



Maybe you’ve heard the phrase “We’re in this together.” This edition of MTC will be a short one, but I recently was thinking about this idea.


With our families and our friends, it’s easy to picture how we’re “in this together” with them. With our co-workers or our neighbors, being “in this together” seems natural.


But…how about that person at the grocery store or at the gas pump or in the restaurant in which we’re enjoying our dinner. How about the person on the highway that just pulled in front of you (now I’m talking to myself)? Are we “in this together” with them?


You, like me, may be wondering what “this” is in the phrase “in this together.” If I were to offer a simple definition, I’d say “this” could be as simple as saying “life.” We’re in life together with those around us. Some are only for a brief moment, while some are for a lifetime. Either way, we’re in “life” together with those around us.


If we make an intentional effort to positively impact those with whom we’re “in this together” it seems as if our humanity is affirmed. Whether the recipient of our intention is aware or not, our efforts help us to not see each other as objects in the way of our goal or for our own benefit. We’re all created for a purpose and that means part of my job is to value the purpose for which others were created.


So…wanna join me in striving to be “in this together” more purposefully? If so, to whom are you going to reach out in the next day or two, week or two, month or two to let them know you’re in “it” with them?


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®