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| March 03, 2017


Obstacles are a part of life. We set a goal, develop a plan, work the plan toward our goal, and then…stuff comes up. That stuff is what we call obstacles.

We all know intuitively that anything worth achieving requires effort and overcoming of obstacles. It is usually even a part of our goal setting process. This process often involves some dreaming about what could be, the consideration of what it will be like when we achieve our goals, and the steps we need to take along the way to fully realize our dream. Those steps are really about what we need to do to overcome obstacles.

So…if we know obstacles are a part of the journey and we have them as steps within our plan, why do we seem so surprised when they surface? Why do they make us question the validity of the goal and our resolve to achieve it? Why do we allow them to unsettle our personal confidence developed from experience and intentional positive attitudes?

Reading a recent excerpt from a book entitled The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine led me to consider what I do and, in contrast, what might be most effective for overcoming obstacles. Here are the two excerpts:

     “The tougher things get, the smaller your goals should become.”

     “Unwillingness to modify your goals to meet reality (remember that no plan survives contact with the enemy) can indicate inflexible thinking, the opposite of innovation we’re trying to cultivate.”

I have been personally challenged to consider this idea of making small, laser-focused goals while remaining nimble and flexible. How could this idea help you as you work through your obstacles to achieving your purpose?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please send us a quick note if this has started your mind thinking about how to achieve what matters most to you. Make it a great week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®