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| February 27, 2021


It’s been quite a while since our last edition of MTC. Some of our readers may not know that I write each and every edition myself. During this dry spell since before the first of the year, I’ve started and stopped many times as I’ve tried to frame some thoughts worth sharing. And…I’ve been stumped until now.

We are approximately one year since the COVID-19 outbreak became top news. A lot has happened during this past year, and processing through much of it has been challenging, frustrating, and sometimes even heartbreaking. We’ve seen an unprecedented market decline and recovery, business shutdowns, heightened screaming via all forms of media about everything under the sun, and a presidential election. Some people have lost their ability to participate in their favorite hobbies, lost the opportunity to visit their favorite places, lost their jobs, lost their businesses, lost loved ones, and even lost their own lives. We’ve been told to stay away from each other and cover our faces. Many have been afraid, unsure, unsettled, and depressed. Wow…what a year!

Here’s what I know more clearly today than I did a year ago: we need each other.

Simple, right?

Now, I’m not talking about the “we need each other” that conjures up the vision of a campfire and “Kum ba yah” songs where everyone is warm and fuzzy. Here’s what I mean:

  • We need to see each other. Not just the nice family, car, clothes, house, or job, but also the unsettled and unsure and messy parts.
  • We need to hear each other. Not just the stories we rehearse to let everyone know we’re doing fine, but also the hurt and fear that we don’t really want to let out because we’ll feel out of control.
  • We need to help each other. Not just telling folks to give us a call or text when they need something, but letting them know we ARE coming over to lend a hand.
  • We need to know each other. Not just name, address, phone number, Twitter handle, Facebook or Instagram page, but what truly matters to us.

It’s really hard to know each other if we’re not willing to look, listen, and serve. We (meaning: me!) are often too consumed with our own stuff to acknowledge that many folks around us are in a battle. Part of the therapeutic benefit of me writing MTC is reminding myself of the need to be purposeful in relationships and service.

Would you be willing to join me as we practically ask ourselves these questions today...and beyond?

  • Who is someone you can “see” today?
  • Who needs your listening ear today so they can feel heard?
  • Where can you use your giftedness to help someone, even in a very small way, today?

My hope is that as we relaunch our MTC effort for 2021, it will be a media to share ideas, thoughts, challenges, and encouragement. After all, the whole reason we do financial planning and wealth management is so that those we serve can have confidence in their priorities being achieved, freeing them up to live their legacy. And, if there’s a better legacy than seeing, hearing, helping, and knowing each other, I don’t know what it is!

Make it a great week!!

Scott Cousino, CFP®