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My Two Cents 030215

| March 02, 2015

In this week’s edition of MTC, we’re going to share a bit of a philosophical idea. This may seem a bit strange to our newest readers to see these ideas in a financial planning firm’s communication, while our long-time readers have known us to break away from the standard fare from time to time.

When we think of our quickly changing world one of the things that comes to mind is personal preference. As technology increases and efficiencies are found, many things that we used to accept as standard can now be customized for our particular preference. Gone are the days of Henry Ford’s famous quote, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants as long as it is black.”

One thing that comes to mind is how we prefer to receive our communications. There is always going to be the pile of junk mail in our mailbox at home. There will always be SPAM email that doesn’t get caught by the SPAM filter. However, with our ability to customize how we receive our communications, we can refine for the information we truly desire. Now we have the ability to request and pursue only the information that we find valuable. You no longer have to sift through the entire newspaper for the article about your child’s sports achievement.

We don’t try to be all things to all people at Legacy Capital Planners. Instead, we work every day to be the trusted advisor for those that our process fits best. One way that is demonstrated is how we try to appeal to a select group with our communication. We want to ensure that we’re adding the most value to those we have the privilege to serve, and to those that choose to follow what we’re saying.

As you’ve seen over the last few weeks, we’re always trying to do that kind of communication more effectively. If we can cover a topic of value to you, or post our thoughts in a more effective way, or use another means of communication, would you please give us the gift of your feedback? The best way for us to improve is to hear from those who currently engage with us!

Thank you in advance, and make it a great week!

PS – If you’d like to check out some of the more recent communications, feel free to visit the blog on our website ( for current material. Stop back often to stay up-to-speed with our newest material.