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My Two Cents 031317

My Two Cents 031317

| March 18, 2017


Later this year we will celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the new name of our firm, Legacy Capital Planners, LLC. We’ve been serving our clients for over 10 years and were moved nearly two years ago to change the name of our firm. This effort required a significant amount of thought and consideration since a name and brand change is such a large undertaking.

When I wrestled with the idea of a new company name in mid-2014, it was very important to me that the name of the firm identify some of the purpose behind our service. That is why “legacy” was a non-negotiable component of the name.

Legacy means different things to different people, and we absolutely acknowledge that no two ideals of legacy are the same. For some it means spiritual or faith values that are embraced by future generations. For others it may mean character or morality traits to which they hold themselves accountable and into which they aspire to have future generations grow. Still others identify their legacy by material items to which they assign value, including property, jewelry, or even money.

Every definition of legacy will be about the impact on a future generation. As we consider what our personal ideal of that definition looks like, we also need to consider how we are functioning toward that ideal today.

When I think about fully delivering our financial planning process for our clients, I simply cannot get away from the fact that how we plan for our clients has a direct effect on their legacies. This is why being aware of how legacies are being built now is such an important part of financial planning. That planning absolutely MUST serve the priorities of your life that have been established to build your ideal legacy, because you are either building your legacy intentionally or by default! 

If this is something that interests you, please let us know as it would be our privilege to come alongside you on this journey. Make it a great week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®