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| April 22, 2023



We were working on a building a client’s financial plan earlier this week and noticed that the outcomes of the plan were different than expected. And by different…I mean SUBSTANTIALLY different than expected!


When this happens, we stop to consider what could be the implications of these different outcomes in relation to the priorities and purposes our client set forth as important to cultivate. Next, we roll up our sleeves to look back and determine whether the data that was input for the different components of the plan were accurate and reasonable. And, that is where we found our issue.


In our data entry, some of the information was off. We realized that the assumptions we were using were not refined per our standards. In missing a key component of our input, our output didn’t align with expectations.


As I was struggling to find a thoughtful topic to share in this edition of MTC, it struck me that my struggle could have something to do with my inputs. Since my output (an important idea to share) was less than ideal, it forced me to stop and consider my recent inputs (books, music, TV, news, articles, etc.). With my recent inputs being more transactional data and/or news hype, I’ve felt a bit dry. It forced me to recognize that my own standards of input aren’t being applied in my own life and that, if I want a different output, I need to change my inputs.


Does this strike a chord with you? Have you ever considered what outputs you truly desire in your life? Are you letting arbitrary inputs shape your thinking or are you curating your own inputs to ensure you’ve given yourself the best chance to align your outputs with your calling?


I ask you these questions because I’m asking them of myself. Won’t you join me in making sure we keep our inputs aligned with our goals so we can all live on purpose?!?!


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®