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| March 26, 2022



We are in the middle of college basketball’s March Madness. This got me thinking about wins and losses…especially since most of the teams I’m cheering on have already lost!


At the end of this whole March Madness season, there will be only one NCAA Basketball winning team and a lot of losing teams. Obviously, the winning team (and fans) will be celebrating after the win. In fact, they’ll likely keep the memory of that win close to their hearts for a long time to come.


But, what about the losing teams? Are they going to be sad because they didn’t win it all? Sure. Are they going to crawl into a hole, suck their thumb, and swear off basketball for the rest of their lives? Not likely.


What is it that keeps a losing team coming back? Among other things, I believe it’s the fact that they have won at some point along the way. Sometimes, they’ve won at many points along the way. They remember those wins. They remember the feeling, and the remember the celebrations.


So, how are you at celebrating your wins?


We aren’t going to win at everything. We aren’t going to have only successes in our lives. So, being purposeful about acknowledging the win, basking for a moment (not forever) in the joy of that win, and being proud of the effort that led to that win is a healthy component of believing we are able to achieve those priorities of our lives.


Anything worth winning, is worth the risk of losing at for a while until we figure it out. Let’s keep cheering for our favorite teams, and for ourselves, as we celebrate the wins of our lives!


Make it a great week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®