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| March 27, 2019



Spring is finally here…YAY!!!!


Our family has never taken a spring break trip. This year, our son is traveling with his high school baseball team to Florida for Spring Training. This gave my wife and me an opportunity (read: excuse) to plan a little road trip to take our daughters to Florida for our first ever spring break vacation. Stay tuned for road trip stories that I’m sure we’ll be developing over the next week or so!


In many editions of MTC, I find myself leaning toward topics of positive thinking, purposeful attitude, and intentionality. While living out these ideals comes easily sometimes, there are definitely other times when we find it a chore to choose what we know is most fruitful. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve found the last few weeks to be one of those times where the choice is a bit of chore. This has me really looking forward to our spring break trip as a time of refreshment, renewal, and reconnection!


And…that got me thinking about a few questions:


  1. As we become more aware of ourselves and our tendencies and our attentiveness to priorities, are we also becoming aware of our fatigue or burnout?


  1. Do we take the time to stop and reflect on whether the “stuff of life” is shaping our perspective in a way that makes a chore out of the things that should bring joy and fulfillment?


  1. Are we making time to reflect, refresh, renew, and reconnect with ourselves, those who help us stay grounded, and with the priorities we hold most dear?


This communication media is intended to add value to our readers in personally applicable ways, and I truly hope this edition blesses you right where you need it most. I’m finding that the development of these few paragraphs was enough of a reminder that my best for others comes when I’m at my best. And, to be at my best requires purposeful check-ins and times of reflection, refreshment, and renewal.


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®