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| April 07, 2018



If you’ve been a reader of our material for any period of time, you know that I tend to share philosophical thoughts quite a bit. It’s also pretty common for me to share what I’ve been learning as it relates to personal development. Today, though, I’d like to share something a bit less heady…less theoretical, and more of a real-world experience.


Since our last MTC edition about a month ago, I’ve had some interesting and affirming conversations. We talk a lot about Purpose and Priorities in our work. In fact, that is why Legacy Capital Planners exists: to empower those we serve to live intentional legacies by focusing on their purpose and priorities.


Here are four separate conversation summaries that speak to the real-world experiences I mentioned:


1. Initial concern: “A new job opportunity with a major shift in what I have been pursuing has presented itself, and I’m not sure if I should accept it.” Result: “If we have invested the time at home for my wife and I to consider our highest priorities for our family and our lives, we can better discern whether this opportunity is a fit.”

2. “Now that I feel confident in my plan and ability to live my lifestyle comfortably when I choose to end my working career, I would like to consider how I use my financial wealth to bless others. Can you help me think through and plan for that process?”

3. “Investing in my relationship with my kids at this critical stage of their lives has been such a cool thing. And, I get to pursue what had previously been a passionate hobby as a vocation in a way that allows my creativity to flow without being worried about the stress of a typical start-up business.”

4. “As my friend was struggling with a health issue, I could be there for her. She knew that she could count on me for whatever she needed, and I didn’t have to worry about whether I could continue to handle my obligations while I put everything on hold for her.”


While these are not actual quotes, they are the sentiments shared in the recent conversations mentioned earlier. I share these because they are four, separate and specific, real-world examples of WHY we do what we do!


If you think financial planning and wealth management should be about more than the money and the numbers, we agree! If you think financial planning and wealth management should be about serving the legacy you intend to live, we agree! This is our craft and we love what we do!!


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®