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| April 11, 2020



Things aren’t normal. This is weird. Our situation is not ideal. We have an insidious virus taking lives around the world and in our own backyards whose eradication depends in part on us staying away from each other. Freedoms and opportunities which we may have been taking for granted are now being restricted or eliminated or missed altogether. This stinks and it feels like we’re a bit out of control.


If you’ve ever read MTC you know there’s NO WAY that would be the end of the story for me. Thankfully…it’s not!!!


First, we have people on the front lines of fighting the pandemic who are sacrificing their own safety and time with their families to help others overcome. We have mothers, fathers, sisters, brother, grandparents, friends who are in desperate need of a hug or a handshake or a high-five that are making a point of reaching out to someone else with a call or a video conference. Groceries are being delivered to those in need, walks are being taken, and families are talking and laughing and crying and praying together like hasn’t happened in a long time. Amazing!


Second, we’re being forced to put into practice what we’ve been preaching for a long time. What I mean is that it’s easy to talk a good game when things are going well. It’s harder to make the choice to be positive, kind, loving, selfless, and purposeful when things aren’t right and we feel out of control. And, yet…that’s EXACTLY what’s happening. We’re hearing stories of this and watching how we’re working this out in our own families, businesses, and communities. Amazing!


Finally, but certainly not the comprehensive end to the goodness happening, are the innovative ways that we’ve been forced to go about connecting. Churches are holding social media live events, recorded services and messages, or other webinar broadcasted times to connect. Businesses that are able have relocated staff to work remotely and embraced new paradigms of communication maybe faster than ever in history. It may not be ideal, but many are making things happen that would’ve never been thought possible 10 years ago. Amazing!


As we continue in the battle against COVID-19 together, please use this short edition as a word of encouragement. Please remember that you’re not alone. Please know that while your efforts may not seem significant to you, they matter…YOU matter. Please know that everyone receiving and reading this edition is in our thoughts and prayers.


If you need anything, do…not…hesitate to contact us. This isn’t a shallow offer. We mean it, and hope that you’ll reach out even if all you need is a friendly voice on the other end of the line. We’re in this together!!


Have a blessed Easter weekend, and make it a great week!!


Scott Cousino, CFP®