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| May 28, 2022



Please allow me to start this edition of MTC with an extra dose of transparency: this has been a hard week to write. Aside from a few days battling a sickness bug, I’m finding it difficult to come up with my typical uplifting, encouraging, or positively challenging thoughts in the wake of the recent senseless and horrific school murders. Combine that with the weight of remembering the real reason behind the Memorial Day holiday, and the silver lining is a little harder to see this week.


And…maybe that’s the message that some of our readers need to hear. Maybe we all need to acknowledge the burden we feel for others pain and circumstances and reality isn’t just some conjured up soft-heartedness to be brushed under the rug. Maybe the ache in our heart for someone else’s pain is because, while we may have not experienced the same pain, we understand that we live in a broken world with hurting people making choices that hurt other people.


The idea that we are on this planet to serve only ourselves and our own interests rings hollow when we consider these ideas. The encouragement I take from sitting with these thoughts is that, while I know I can’t change the world with one fell swoop of good intention, I can make an impact on my world around me.


Rather than try and change the world all I once, I’m going to look for those areas where my convictions combined with my influence can have a positive impact on those around me. Even though the scope of my influence may not be large, my conviction driven action can make a positive impact on others. One step at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time, my hope is that I can serve in a way that someone else’s reality moves toward love, joy, and peace.


Reflecting on the ultimate sacrifice given by our soldiers throughout the history of our country, my actions feel so modest. Even in a modest way like this, I can honor their gift to me and my family this weekend and beyond by committing myself to serving well in my area of calling.


How about you? If this resonates with you at all, would you be willing to share a brief comment back about how you’re making an impact on the world around you? I promise…we won’t think you’re bragging. In fact, if we know of areas of overlap with others, maybe we can help multiply those combined efforts!


If you’re struggling with how to implement these ideas and are willing to be transparent, we’d love to hear about that as well. It would be our honor to be alongside you in the hunt for your area of impact.


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®