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| June 09, 2023



We shared some thoughts about the inputs we allow to influence us a few editions ago. If you’d like to check that out, you may find it here:


One of the inputs I’ve chosen for myself is Dr. Fred Johnson of Initiative One. They host a monthly Think Tank event that is streamed live from their facility in Green Bay, WI. The content from this morning was so good, I thought I’d make a series out of it for our readers. Today, I’ll whet your appetite for the content and begin to share the specific thoughts over our next few editions along with a link to the recording of today’s event. As a disclaimer, Dr. Johnson, and his team at Initiative One, deserve all the credit for this content. While I want to bless our readers with it, I’d also like to point you all back to them as the source of the excellent material they produce.




If you’ve read MTC at all in the past, you’ve likely read me stating that I believe EVERYONE is a leader in their own area of giftedness and service. Dr. Johnson’s presentation today was focused on executive leadership. He defines an executive as “anyone who creates an exemplary environment based on the decisions they make and actions they take.” So, an executive leader could be the CEO of a company, the middle manager leading a team, the receptionist, the laborer, the shop floor worker, the stay-at-home mom or dad, and anyone that works to make decisions and take actions that create an exemplary environment.


Since we’re all “executive leaders” in our own right, it would make sense that we’d want to develop disciplines in our lives that allow us to be effective in our executive leadership. And, since you are what you think, aligning our thoughts to be our best selves for those we serve will allow us to manage through the chaos of our days.


As we strive to have great influence in our areas of service, we should expect to experience great stress. However, when people are under incredible stress, their best selves can’t show up through their service. If we know that the price of making a positive impact in the world around us is experiencing stress, then we need to have the discipline to strengthen ourselves so that the stress doesn’t derail our ability to influence.


Here are a few questions we should ask ourselves:


  1. How are my external circumstances creating great stress for me?
  2. How has this last year (or two, or three) challenged my executive-level thinking?
  3. How has the last year (or two, or three) challenged my leadership ability?


Dr. Johnson shared 6 disciplines that will help us manage the responsibilities that come with leadership. If you’re interested, or know someone who is, please keep your eye peeled for our next edition when I’ll dive into the first couple of disciplines with my own “color commentary” added.


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®