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| June 22, 2019



In prior editions of MTC, I’ve shared thought about the Ted Talk given by Simon Sinek’s entitled Golden Circle. It’s a bit lengthy at just over 18 minutes, but certainly worth the viewing (


Simon wrote a book entitled Start With Why in 2009, and I’m currently finishing the final few chapters. One of the items that has struck me in the later chapters of his book is the idea of communicating your aspirational “Why”. The most industry shifting companies and most inspirational leaders of a cause have a powerful “Why” AND have a tremendous means of communicating it clearly so they can find those with whom their purpose resonates.


Part of the impact of an aspirational cause is the boldness to communicate that cause well. If we can learn to share with boldness the benefit to those we serve of pursuing the cause with us, we can elicit engagement from those who share the same ideals. This can be in business, this can be in an area of social justice, this can be in our faith, or it can even be in our family.


This idea struck me this week when I considered how we communicate the “Why” of our firm. When I communicate the “Why” of Legacy Capital Planners, I explain that our reason for existing is to help people live their legacy by identifying, and staying focused on, their highest priorities. This has specific meaning to me as I’ve been able to see the impact on people, families, and communities when we help folks achieve that ideal in their lives. For those who haven’t experience this yet from a financial planning firm, though, it can seem a little ambiguous to apply in their own lives.


So…I have some work to do in how we communicate our purpose at Legacy Capital Planners!


How about you? Have you identified your “Why” in your work, your community, and/or your family? Are you able to communicate it in a clear, concise, and compelling manner? If not, would you like to join me as we get better at this together?

Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®