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| September 09, 2023



In our last edition of MTC back in July, we wrapped up our series on Effective Leader Disciplines. I took the month of August off from writing as an opportunity to refresh and refocus. Now we’re back at it with some new nuggets I’ve been learning and thought would be good to pass along.


As I was considering what to share in this edition, it struck me that it’s easy to fall into a trap of believing something less than ideal of, and for, ourselves. We can sometimes allow circumstances to distract us or shake our confidence. The voices of doubt or fear can be so loud that we can’t hear the truth. During those times it’s CRITICAL for us to have people in our lives that we trust and with whom we can be authentic and vulnerable. However, what happens when we’re not authentic, vulnerable, or trusting?


Have you ever tried to share a piece of wisdom or experience with someone who didn’t want to listen?


Have you been willing to engage and offer support to someone that wasn’t open to receiving it?


Have you seen someone believe a negative story about themselves or their situation that wasn’t true?


I heard a phrase shortly after college that has stuck with me: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


This phrase can apply to a lot of scenarios but, in this context, the simple truth is that I must be ready to receive correction before I can expect someone to step in to share wisdom and help me grow. Until I’m comfortable with who I am, have my identity grounded in truth, and at peace with NOT having it all together, I’m likely to bristle at someone trying to nudge me toward my best self. For many of us, this is a life-long journey of being open to loving correction.


How is this working for you? Do you critically consider what you believe to be true about yourself? Do you invite correction and accountability from those who’ve proven themselves trustworthy in your life? If not…what’s holding you back from being a “ready student” and stepping into a new level of peace and joy in the journey?


Make it a great week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®