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| September 28, 2019



Last week I asked our readers for a favor, and you all sent in some great ideas of items to discuss. Thank you to everyone who submitted some thoughts!


Here’s our brief summary list of topics:


  1. How to find balance and be effective juggling everyday demands.
  2. Handling adversity and staying positive in crisis.
  3. Living our legacies of philanthropic, caring/sharing, and community impact.
  4. Being purposeful in the present, especially as it relates to our relationships.
  5. Basic financial planning strategies of wise spending, starting to save toward goals, and transitioning to retirement income.
  6. Retirement strategy protections.
  7. Business succession and transition concepts.


This is not the entire list. I simply took the graciously provided ideas by our readers and combined them into seven basic topic groups. I’ll use these ideas in the coming months to develop some thoughts to ponder and actionable strategies for our readers. If you have any other ideas that you’d like to share, PLEASE don’t hesitate to send them along.


I’ll wrap up this edition of MTC with one simple idea that I’ve been kicking around lately: we are all in this thing called life together.


I know that might seem like a pretty broad idea, and I’ve shared thoughts about this in the past. However, I’ve been realizing lately how much people around me add to my life. While I’m certainly not great at putting aside my own agenda, timeline, or desires, I have been learning that everyone with whom I cross paths can teach me something.


Some of the questions I’m beginning to ask myself more actively are:


“What are they wrestling with that makes them respond like that?”

“How can I make their day a little brighter?”

“Is this the opportunity I’ve been looking for to speak into someone’s life today?”

“How did they come to that conclusion or that way of thinking?”

“Is my agenda, personal perspective or bias creating an unhealthy reactive emotion in me?”

“What can this person teach me about themselves, life, the world around me, or myself?”


Again…this is an area in which I find myself needing to grow and stretch. If this idea or these questions speak to you, we’d love to hear some feedback. Isn’t it fun when we get to be alongside each other helping each other toward being our best?!?!


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®