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| October 09, 2017



Have you ever watched the ripples that happen when a stone is dropped in the water?


I was working at my desk last week with my cup of coffee just sitting there waiting on me to partake. I must have bumped, or dropped, something on the desk that disrupted the still coffee in my cup. As I watched the small ripples radiate from the center of the cup, I was struck by how long the impact of the bump affected the coffee in the cup. And…that brought me to asking a few questions that I thought might be worthwhile for our readers to consider, as well.


Do we acknowledge that our words, or actions, and our life as a whole have an impact on the world around us?


Have we ever stopped for a minute to consider the ripples that we send forth in the stillness of someone else’s life?


Are those ripples effective in empowering, encouraging, and edifying those we influence? Or…are those ripples distracting, discouraging, and destructive?


Is our life so still from complacency that we could use a little ripple to help us feel the positive affect of someone else’s intentionality in us and through us?


Our tag line at Legacy Capital Planners is “Your legacy…Our purpose!” This is something that we try to embody in our planning process, in our service delivery, and in our relationships. Hopefully, we’ve made a positive ripple in your life. You SURE have made a positive ripple in ours, and we’re inspired to continue to live out our purpose of helping you embrace and pursue your intentional legacy!


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®