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| October 13, 2018



Reading is a love that my grandmother instilled in me early in my life. While I don’t consider myself a voracious reader, I do consider myself an intentional reader. Sometimes my intention is leadership development, sometimes it’s professional development, sometimes it’s fitness or faith, and sometimes it’s simply entertainment. As I consider my intentions in my reading it leads me to a thought I’d like to share in this version of MTC.


How purposeful are we about applying our brilliant ideas?


And, I truly do mean brilliant! Many times we are inspired toward a terrific ideal by something we hear, read or experience, and we downplay the significance of that ideal being realized. But…I digress.


Since high school (many moons ago), I have been a bit of a gym rat. I love to exercise, I love to lift weights, and I love to eat healthy and be fit. However, I also love to eat lots of unhealthy stuff and invest my time in other things that often keep me away from the gym. Often a brilliant idea of how to more consistently get in my exercise and improve my eating enters my mind. And then…the brilliant idea is gone, displaced with the next pressing schedule item or my lack of discipline.


It makes me wonder how could our lives be better, our service to others more impactful, and our example of living our best selves more clear when we are purposeful about our application of an idea.


It’s good to want to leave a legacy. It’s BETTER to live out today the legacy we desire to leave tomorrow.


It’s good to want to be healthy and strong. It’s BETTER to make wise food choices and enjoy the exercise that helps us realize the goal.


It’s good to have a financial plan. It’s BETTER to embrace the plan and live by what we’ve decided without allowing ourselves to be distracted by emotion and outside noise.


So…what brilliant idea do you have that you’re excited about applying? You have so much greatness inside of you, and I’m excited to hear how that greatness is going to be displayed through your purposeful application. If this idea strikes a chord with you and you’re willing to share, I would truly love to hear about it.

Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®