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| October 15, 2023



This edition of MTC is going to be pretty short because my wife and I are on our 25th wedding anniversary celebration vacation. This is the first time since having kids nearly 21 years ago that she and I have taken an extended vacation as a couple without it involving a work conference. It has been a refreshing time of reconnection!


Included with this message is a picture of the view from our Airbnb place in the upper Napa Valley in California. Even if you’re not very interested in the wine of this region, the area is absolutely gorgeous with some amazing geography and uniquely varied climate within a relatively small space.


Kris and I don’t pretend to have it all figured out, and the grace that my lovely wife extends me as I pursue lots of different things continues to amaze me. So, rather than try and offer advice of our own, I’ll share some simple and sage advice Kris’ grandparents gave us at our wedding reception: just love each other.


That seems so elementary, but I can tell you that elementary doesn’t mean easy. Love is a decision. We have to decide to look past our respective irritations with each other. We have to choose to forgive each other when we’re still angry. We have to accept AND embrace that we’re different. We have to work at finding areas in which we have commonality. We have to be gracious with each other giving the other person time and space to grow and mature in their own areas of continued development.


I think about this sage advice often: JUST LOVE EACH OTHER. Just as Kris and I continue to grow and develop in our relationship, the entire Legacy Capital Planners team continues to grow and develop for those we have the privilege of serving. We fully acknowledge that we’re all “works in progress” and are grateful for the opportunity to advocate for, positively influence, and yes…LOVE…those we serve and with whom we get to collaborate. Thank you ALL for that opportunity!!

Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®