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| October 15, 2021



In our last edition of MTC, I shared a story about our son’s recent college decision-making process and the lesson we learned about wallowing in “I knows” versus saying “Yes!” and moving forward with that decision. As a quick update: our son is off to school now, is building wonderful new relationships, learning new things, and developing well with the baseball team.


As I was considering the topic for this edition, I felt compelled to share how we’ve been leaning into that lesson at Legacy. The fun news is we’ve been growing and have decided it’s time to expand our team by adding a Client Service Administrator. This is a new position for us and will give our existing team the opportunity to focus even more on delivering an excellent experience to our clients.


What’s interesting to me through this process is that our need is being driven by growth. I know that probably doesn’t seem very profound, so please allow me to explain.


We’ve all heard some axiom of growth like “If you’re not growing, your dying” or “Growth is the only evidence of life.” Maybe we’ve even believed those statements without considering why. I get why people say those things…and I believe they are incomplete without additional consideration!


Here’s what I’m learning: sometimes growth is just growth. Sometimes growth is not additive to our cause. Sometimes growth is distracting and dilutive. Sometimes growth is in a direction that keeps us from living out our true purpose. Sometimes growth hides the fact that we need a deeper level of understanding to be most effective.


Our firm was founded on the principle that people who live lives of purpose are people who are living with the highest levels of love, joy, and peace. Working out our particular purpose is sometimes a difficult task that can take many years. And, sometimes, our purpose changes as we enter different seasons of life.


When we focus on finding and living that purpose, we are able to better discern the priorities in our life. As we embrace these priorities, growth becomes a wonderful, beautiful, challenging, scary, exciting thing to pursue because we know it’s leading us somewhere aspirational. Growth, and the change necessary with all growth, becomes something we expect and embrace. Growth for a purpose rather than growth for growth’s sake!


As our firm grows, please know we are growing for a purpose and not just as “growth for growth’s sake.” It’s growth to love people more, to serve them better, and to truly advocate for people as they line up their own priorities to serve their life purposes. Please let us know how we can do that better for you. It is WHY we exist as a firm!


And…if you know someone who loves details and serving people, we’re HIRING!!


Make it a great week!!


Scott Cousino, CFP®, CEPA®