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| November 20, 2017



Thanksgiving week here in the States is often filled with food, family, and fun. We often reflect on our blessings with gratitude. And…we should!


I was thinking about this idea of gratitude recently, and had the proverbial wind knocked out of me. When I consider the things of life for which I’m thankful, it is always about the good stuff. You know…my health, our warm home, food to eat, freedom, opportunity to work and serve, etc.


Then it hit me: I need to be grateful for the “crap” I’ve experienced in life!


When I consider the person I’ve become over the 43 years I’ve been on this planet, my character and resolve have often been shaped by the difficult times. Overcoming the challenge that seems completely insurmountable. Staying the course when my integrity has been questioned. Wading through the seasons of doubt, worry, fear, and uncertainty without giving up. All of those things have helped shape me into who I am today.


And for that…I AM THANKFUL!


If I’m truthful, I hope that I won’t get to be thankful for that stuff moving forward. I hope that my life is all peaches and cream, my marriage is all Snow White and Prince Charming, and my kids all live golden lives. You and I both know, though, that will not be the case. And, I hope and pray that I’ll continue to be thankful working through whatever obstacle pops up in our future.


How about you?


  • Have you had the opportunity to reflect on the “crap” of your life and what it has done to form your character?


  • Have you gotten to the point of being thankful for those times?


  • Are you ready to embrace the process of becoming thankful for the stuff that is coming?


  • Can you help someone you love be thankful for who they’ve become?


It is truly a blast to share this journey of life with you! No matter how frequently, or infrequently, our paths cross, I’m thankful for our relationship. And, if you ever need someone to remind you how tremendous you have become through the stuff of your life, just drop me a line.

Make it a great Thanksgiving week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®