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| November 26, 2020



Thanksgiving is typically a season of celebrating the good things in our lives with family, friends, food, and football…GO LIONS!! While those elements will undoubtedly be present for many of our readers this year, it seems very different from any Thanksgiving I can remember!


Sharing stories of thanksgiving with each other, posting witty and funny and memorable Thanksgiving memes on social media, and being more intentional about showing our gratitude is commonplace during this season. And…rightfully so! Of course, we all know the benefits of being grateful more than just during this season, and this season provides us with a good opportunity to refocus on things that matter in our lives.


So…please allow me to share a few quick areas of our own gratitude in this edition of MTC!


Our business exists to help people focus on their highest priorities as they pursue living out their purposeful legacy. In the last two weeks we’ve had the opportunity to have these conversations in more direct ways than has happened in the recent past, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


When we are able to help a couple embrace the reality that their decision making process for what is best for their marriage and their kids doesn’t need to revolve around the finances…we’re grateful!


When we can reassure people going through nasty family issues that there is life and joy and hope beyond the current chaos…we’re grateful!


When we are invited into a business to help them be purposeful about how they care for their employees, grow their business intelligently, and wisely steward their resources…we’re grateful!


When we receive permission to advocate for someone that feels lost and confused and overwhelmed with how to proceed with their next steps…we’re grateful!


When we get the celebratory call or email as a client and friend is living out their dream…we’re grateful!


So many instances of goodness are around us if we’re willing to look. Sometimes it is hard and takes real effort to WANT to look for those instances…but they’re there. I’m truly grateful for the trust we receive that allows us to serve. I’m also grateful to be alongside such amazing people each on their own journey as we witness their resilience, strength, tenacity, and love…THANK YOU!


Happy Thanksgiving, and make it a great week!!


Scott Cousino, CFP®