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My Two Cents 112816

My Two Cents 112816

| December 03, 2016



So far in this series of MTC editions, we’ve shared some ideas on love, joy, and peace. This week I’m going to wrap up with some thoughts about patience.


I’ve been coaching youth baseball, softball, and basketball for quite a while as my kids have been involved. I’m convinced that I have learned more about myself, other people, and life in general from coaching these young folks than I have ever taught them. The goal has always been to impart some piece of wisdom or character development trait that they can embrace along with the sport we’re playing.


My youngest child played fall softball this year and I was privileged to coach her team. This was the first time in a long time that I’ve had nine 8-year old girls to oversee for a softball season. Even with a tremendous team of additional coaches, this was the first time in all of my years of coaching that I found myself becoming annoyed with the young people not paying attention or not seeming to grasp the concepts I was sharing.


It dawned on me mid-way through the season that these young ladies were at a different level of understanding than I was accustomed to coaching. With that epiphany came the realization that my irritation was not a result of the kids being any different, and had more to do with me not being patient with where they were in their progress. I wish I could say that made all of my frustration disappear and the rest of the season was all rainbows and unicorns. That wasn’t the case, although the girls had a good experience and I did not lose my mind.


Having some time to reflect on this experience has led me to remember that I am grateful when someone graciously shows patience to me if I don’t understand something or am struggling to put into action that which I do understand. Now…the key is to remember to show that patience to others (including 8-year old softball players) as they learn and work to implement what they learn.


I guess the combination of choosing to love, living with a joy filled attitude, being at peace with where we are in life, and being patient with those around us is a pretty powerful way to make an impact on our world. Thankfully, we get the chance to do that every day!


Make it a great week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®