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| November 29, 2018



The last MTC was kicking around the idea of maintaining positive momentum in our lives, and it got me thinking about what that really looks like in somebody’s life. What does it mean to actually move toward what we care about?


After a meeting at a local coffee shop this week, I ran into a pastor of a local church that I’ve gotten to know a bit in passing. He was sharing how his church was struggling a bit and how some of the parishioners were asking him to preach about this topic or that topic. And while those topics are important, they aren’t necessarily what he feels are important for him to share corporately.


This led us to consider asking people what action they’re taking in their own lives with causes that matter to them. Effectively offering the challenge of “Show me where you’ve been and who you’ve been serving.” Encouraging people to not just learn about good and important topics, but to take that knowledge and make their own corner of the world a better place.


Of course, this makes me a bit introspective with questions about my own momentum. Am I actually going to places where I see a need? Am I truly serving others in a way that not only helps them, but feeds me and keeps my positive momentum moving? Does my positive momentum demonstrate that other people’s well-being in truly important to me?


I love hearing stories about people serving and impacting others. The trouble is, most people are pretty humble and unassuming, and feel like sharing how they serve borders on bragging. So…I’m giving you permission to share your stories of service with us. Please feel free to drop us a note, and I promise that we’ll celebrate your service rather than think you’re bragging!


Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®