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My Two Cents 120516

My Two Cents 120516

| December 10, 2016



My head spins when I think about all of the different social media platforms!

While not everyone subscribes to this line of thinking, a common theme on many of the platforms is keeping your posts short and to the point. In fact, it seems like a snapshot of a point in time is the primary plot line. It’s hard to tell your story in 140 characters or less!

This made me think about planning for priorities. With only part of the story, lower priorities can displace higher priorities without us even knowing that it’s happening. Lack of clarity about the desired plot line of our life leads us to make ambiguous decisions that may result in a destination we didn’t intend and wouldn’t choose.

The moral of this story certainly isn’t captured in only 140 characters. Once priorities are understood, we can start to be intentional about the full plot line of our story. From those places of personal clarity come the ability to build actionable plans; plans for personal development, family plans, financial plans, community development plans, etc.

Nothing is more exciting than being on the journey with folks that are also working to embrace these ideas in their lives. The financial planning component of this process becomes measurable in a more meaningful way when we are jointly pursuing the highest priorities in our clients’ lives. If this is of interest to you, we’d love to have you join us on this journey…and NOT just in 140 characters or less!!

Make it a great week!

Scott Cousino, CFP®