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| December 17, 2016


This morning I was doing some reading in a book entitled The Art of Why by Steve Luckenbach. In a chapter he calls The Moving Walkway, Steve shares some thoughts about self-transformation that I thought our readers might appreciate. I’m a bit of a “WHY” nerd anyway, so this has been a good book for me.

The point from The Moving Walkway chapter that struck such a chord with me was the distinction between self-esteem and self-efficacy. I must admit that I didn’t originally know the official definition of either, and was not at all clear about self-efficacy. Here’s how he makes the distinction:

     “Self-esteem is built on how much other people value you and what you do! It’s based on the praise that other people heap upon you and, to a great          degree, on your material rewards for all those things you do.

     Self-efficacy is based only on your own cell-deep belief that you have what it takes to be victorious in any circumstance. That doesn’t always mean            coming out on top in the money or fame race; sometimes, it means having the courage to stick to your principles and do what’s right even under                pressure to do otherwise.”

I’m going to wrap up this week’s edition with this simple idea: you haven’t come this far in your life by accident! Who you are right now is, in part, due to how you’ve come through circumstances in your life and who you are going to be in the future has a lot to do with your approach to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are grateful to know many of our readers personally, and are excited to be on the journey with you!!

Make it a great week!


Scott Cousino, CFP®